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A web series. Shorts. An original musical. John has been exploring his writing and directing talents in a myriad of ways.

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About Me

as a writer & director

John (he/him/his) is an actor, singer, writer, director, & voice over artist living in NYC. Represented by ATB Talent, John recently made his network television debut guest starring on Law & Order: SVU. A Master of Fine Arts graduate from the University of Houston School of Theatre, a large part of his training  included working on new plays and musicals with Stuart Ostrow, Edward Albee, Jerry Bock, and Jerry Sterner. He co-wrote the devised work, Gold Coast, with Stages on the Sound for Metropolitan Playhouse’s Gilded Stage Festival under the guidance of Tectonic Theater Project’s Scott Barrow. John has written and directed shorts and music videos ranging from satire and comedy to politics and activism for YouTube, including Broadway ZombieFierce iPhone UpdateStarbucks is GAY!The Bigot’s Guide to the Homosexual LifestyleBooty Text, and The Worst Christmas Pageant Ever. YouTube was where he wrote and directed one of the first ever web series, the 8-part The Message Board. John has also written the original one-man shows, Jerby: Fully Loaded, Jerby With A “Y”,  A Very Jerby Christmas, & The Lady Gaga Christmas Spectacular. He has directed with the Alley Theatre’s Houston Young Playwright’s Exchange (fun fact: one of his actors was rising star, John Behlmann). As a recurring guest on HuffPost Live, he offered his opinion on a variety of topics from politics to entertainment. 2018 saw the release of his debut album, Our First Christmas Together, which included nine original holiday songs. Future projects include more parodies and shorts, the concept album for Vampire Drag Queen, & Our First Halloween Together.

  • Shorts
  • The Message Board
  • Brother Barker's Hell House
  • Vampire Drag Queen


These are various shorts that I have  written and directed. Five of these videos feature my character Brother Barker, who is a flamboyant, conservative Christian ex-gay. In Don’t Pick & Choose Leviticus, I play his wife, who is also ex-gay, using some simple, fun movie magic.

The Message Board

The Message Board is an 8-part web series about Broadway Universe, a theatre web site where different people can come together to chat about Broadway, divas, cabarets, chorus boys, politics, internet addiction, gay marriage, religion, sex, suicide and anything that crosses their minds. Perhaps that ranting theatre queen or Wicked-obsessed teen will become your new BFF or your next worst enemy? Maybe that anonymous, alleged “hot chorus boy” will become the love of your life? You’ll never know until you log in.

YouTube was a different world in 2009. I hadn’t yet acquired a HD camera, nor did many of us record dialogue separately. Still, I am fond of the ideas here and the lovely performances my actors gave to me. Each actor was filmed separately, which made scheduling easier than usual. It is flawed, but charming, and it was one of the first web series ever.

Another big difference about YouTube was that there used to be a 15 minute limit on videos. Thus, some are split into two parts (released the same week). I also had some fun stuff to create a bloopers reel. 


Brother Barker's
Hell House

When I heard about the kind of haunted house conservative Christians put up at Halloween, I knew I had to create the kind that Brother Barker would, The year is 2010, and these are his current fears.

At the time this was created, YouTube had a fun feature that allowed linking within a video. Thus, these videos reflect a “choose your own adventure” concept. That no longer works within the user experience. The playlist will play them in numerical order, but you may certainly watch them in any order. Just start with the prologue and end with the epilogue.

Vampire Drag Queen
a musical thriller

Vampire Drag Queen is a new, original pop musical thriller I’ve written that is a hybrid of revenge tragedy and the comic book hero origin story.

possible poster artwork for Vampire Drag Queen
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Free Music

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pride 2020

For its 10th anniversary, I’ve given this song a makeover. I wrote it during the fight for marriage equality, yet the song still resonates given the actions and goals of the current administration. This July, I celebrate 10 years of marriage with the man this song is about. No one can take that away from us.

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