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John Raymond Barker

John Raymond Barker

Actor-Singer-Writer-Director. Recent Guest Star on Law & Order: SVU.

Top 11 (w/ clip) – Divas/Divos Born in March

On Wednesday, March 27, 2013, the theme is Divas/Divos Born in March, and we find out who makes it to the Top 10 with all 11 performing the song they have prepared. I will be singing “Marry The Night” by Lady Gaga. It promises to be another great evening of music given the great number of divas/divos born in March. The guest judges will be Lisa Asher & Gregory Jacobs-Roseman.


Here is a clip of my Motown Night performance of the Bobby Taylor classic, “Does Your Mama Know About Me?” (with the brilliant Joshua Stephen Kartes on piano) followed by the judges’ critiques (guest judge was Anne Fraser Thomas):

This competition is season 11 of Stonewall Sensation at the famous Stonewall Inn. I am competing, American Idol-style, each week for a grand prize of $1000 & a fully-produced show, plus all of the exposure that comes with.


The judges include Time Out New York theatre critic & President of the New York Drama Critics’ Circle, Adam Feldman; Susan Campanaro (aka Lavinia Draper); and Miss Fire Island & Glammy Award nominee, Ariel Sinclair, with celebrity guest judges each week. The show is hosted by Bistro, MAC, and Nightlife Award winner Brandon Cutrell and the sensational Joshua Stephen Kartes will be on piano. What’s particularly exciting to me is the chance to get feedback, notes, & criticism from these very talented people who I can learn a great deal from.

Each week I stay in the competition, I will be singing a song (or songs) based on either my choice, a theme, or assignment. You get to vote for me by ballot for each drink you purchase. You purchase 1 drink, you get 1 ballot. You purchase 5 drinks, you get 5 ballots. Your votes are especially crucial in these first few weeks, so I am hoping to see some of you there to drink/vote for me. Plus, Brandon and the judges are hysterical and the other contestants are very talented, so you should be in for a very entertaining evening–not to mention that I promise to sing/perform the crap out of my songs.
Doors open at 9PM*. Show starts at 10PM (or so).
*They show American Idol on screens around the bar if you are a big fan of that show.



21 & UP


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