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John Raymond Barker

John Raymond Barker

Actor-Singer-Writer-Director. Recent Guest Star on Law & Order: SVU.

The Devil’s Disciple in Playbill


Mayberry Is The Devil’s Disciple at Houston’s Alley May 18-June 17

18 May 2001

Alley Theatre company member Ty Mayberry stars The Devil’s Disciple in the Houston resident theatre’s revival of the classic George Bernard Shaw comedy, playing May 18-June 17 on the Large Stage. Alley Theatre artistic director Gregory Boyd directs.

Mistaken identities cause the core problems at the heart of The Devil’s Disciple, when devlish Dick Dudgeon returns to New Hampshire to claim his inheritance. Unfortunately, the year is 1777 and the British are out to hang the local minister, the peace-loving Reverend Anthony Anderson. Dudgeon looks exactly like the respectable man of God, so when the British find him in Anderson’s house, Dudgeon gets marched to the gallows.

The Alley Theatre Resident Company production features James Belcher (Lawyer Hawkins), Not About Nightingales’ James Black (Anthony Anderson), Bettye Fitzpatrick (Mrs. Anne Dudgeon), Elizabeth Helfin (Aunt William Dudgeon), Paul Hope (Major Swindon), Charles Krohn (Uncle William Dudgeon and Reverend Brudenell), David Riney (Sergeant) and Todd Waite (General Burgoyne and Uncle Titus Dudgeon). Also in the cast are Laura Heisler (Essie), Teri Lamm (Judith Anderson) and John Raymond Barker (Christopher Dudgeon).

Designing The Devil’s Disciple are Vincent Mountain (sets), Robert Wierzel (lighting), Sam Fleming (costumes) and Malcolm Nicholls (sound).

Opening night was May 23. Tickets to The Devil’s Disciple are $49 $32. The Alley Theatre is located at 615 Texas Avenue. For reservations, call (713) 228-8421 or (800) 259-ALLE. The Alley Theatre is on the web at

— By Christine Ehren

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