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Law & Order: SVU was John’s official television debut, but it was not his first time in front of the camera.

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About Me

as a television actor

It’s funny that this is the medium that John (he/him/his) has the fewest credits, but one of them is the biggest thing he has ever done.

Background Work

One shouldn’t include them on their resume, but I did extra work a couple of times–once for CSI: NY and another time for Blue Bloods. I found both experiences to be exciting. I got to wear costumes and do hair & makeup. There were series regulars or known guests stars in all the scenes I did. I had a nice time hanging with the other extras, and I felt like I did some acting for a nice little paycheck. But, most importantly, I observed and took in as much as I could. I wanted to be ready should the day ever come that I got to film a speaking part. There was so much to take in and try to memorize.

One Line Non-union Cable

Later on, I booked one line on a non-union cable show, A Crime to Remember for Investigation Discovery. It was a step up from the extra work, but it would prove to end with the same fate as my extra work. Like the two times before, I would tell family and friends to watch the episode. And all three times the episode would  end without a single shot of me. Maybe I saw my butt walking away from the camera on CSI. It made sense. Not only was I likely to be lost in the crowd,, but I knew during filming one of the network shows that the scene wasn’t going to make sense to the audience. Sure enough that entire scene was scrapped and replaced with a clearer scene. And, my line on the crime show wasn’t essential. They needed to streamline  the exposition, and I didn’t stand a chance.

Television on the Internet

In addition to experimenting on camera as a YouTuber, the internet brought a fun opportunity in learning how to be comfortable on camera and under pressure. In Huffington Post Live’s early days as the online version of cable news, they would ask a variety of people to appear live as a guest on their program, Community Sound Off. They would email a handful of hot news topics ranging from politics to entertainment in order for us to offer our opinions and engage in a discussion from each of our homes via Google Hangout to the host (Abby Huntsman or Jacob Soboroff) and occasionally a celebrity (Joey Lawrence) in the studio. I tried to take a comedic approach where appropriate, preparing as many jokes as possible in case opportunity struck. It was a thrilling experience.

Guest Star Network Television

Therefore, you can imagine the massive contrast when I actually booked a guest star role on one of the biggest shows (soon to be the longest running primetime drama ever) on one of the three major networks (and a lifelong beloved network at that having watched so many favorite shows, including my all-time favorite, Will & Grace. Heck, if they hadn’t still been on midseason hiatus, my episode would have aired the same night ).And in contrast to previous work, everyday on L&O felt like I was away at a spa resort. I was so taken care of, and the experience was a dream. You can read all about my week shooting my episode in A Dream Come True: My Week Guest Starring on Law & Order: SVU .
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3 Scenes (abridged) from Law & Order: SVU (1:27)
directed by Jean de Segonzac
produced by NBC/Universal

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Interrogation Scene from Law & Order: SVU (1:02)
directed by Jean de Segonzac
produced by NBC/Universal


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