John Raymond Barker

John Raymond Barker

Actor-Singer-Writer-Director. Recent Guest Star on Law & Order: SVU.

Neutral Mask Workshop with Adrienne Kapstein at Movement Theater Studio

In November 2012, I took this weekend workshop to learn more how to use my body and breath to create character and story. It’s really stunning to see what an actor can accomplish without the use of facial expressions, which we often rely upon (this is essentially what the mask removes).

From their web site:

“The study of Neutral Mask challenges the actor to use their entire body in expressing themselves on stage. Working with the mask enables the performer to discover essential gesture and an economy of movement as well as create a foundation and reference point for character. Through a series of improvisational and technical exercises the actor confronts their physical habits in order to move past the ‘daily’ body and enter the theatrical realm. The mask has no opinion but is alive and desires to engage, requiring the actor to undo their knowledge and bring their senses to bear in re-discovering the world around them. The study of the Neutral Mask is vital for actors wanting to gain a greater control over their body in movement, develop their imagination and bring a dynamic quality to their presence on stage.”

Adrienne Kapstein is a beautiful, generous, supportive teacher. She crafted an extremely safe room for us to work in.

If you would like to study with the Movement Theater Studio, please visit their web site.

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pride 2020

For its 10th anniversary, I’ve given this song a makeover. I wrote it during the fight for marriage equality, yet the song still resonates given the actions and goals of the current administration. This July, I celebrate 10 years of marriage with the man this song is about. No one can take that away from us.

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