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NOTICE: When I wrote, recorded, and filmed this song, it was not yet understood by the mainstream gay and drag culture that some transgender people find the slang word “tr—y” to be deeply offensive. I have debated deleting the song/video, but was convinced not to do so after much discussion with friends (for transparency: transgender and cisgender) that led me to arrive at the conclusion that the song is of its time, inoffensive in context*, and that it could allow for discussion. Despite this, I did decide to rewrite the lyric for all future performances of the song and for the musical. I absolutely stand for the rights and protections of transgender people. There may come a time when I realize the song and video should be taken down. This dialogue is very welcome.  –John

*I want to acknowledge that my being cisgender gives me zero say in what is and isn’t transphobic.

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