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I’ve had to keep my mouth shut since before Thanksgiving about getting the chance to do something that was absolutely magical and a dream come true. So, I’m thrilled to finally be able to announce this huge milestone in my career. For those of you who not once, not twice, but three times watched something only to discover at the same time as I that I didn’t make it past the editing room floor, this will finally break that particular curse.

Everyone working on this show was terrific. I really felt taken care of, and it was as if I was spending a week with a good friend’s huge, wonderful family. That support made it effortless to tap into a surprising place of zen about the whole thing. It was if all my training and experience came together and said,  “You are ready for this. Do your work.”

There were certainly moments where I stumbled over not knowing the lingo or misjudging a step, but I was treated so kindly and respectfully. And, I learned so much–particularly in having had such a succinct and patient director.

This adventure would never have happened without my agents at Across The Board Talent and the casting team at Jonathan Strauss Casting for their care, hard work, and belief in me. They have all taken a great chance on a new guy, and I hope I make them proud.

I will say much more after the episode airs so as to not reveal anything I shouldn’t. 

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