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John Raymond Barker

John Raymond Barker

Actor-Singer-Writer-Director. Recent Guest Star on Law & Order: SVU.

Co-Hosting Office Hours with Todd & Bob

The agency that represents me created all kinds of opportunities for me and my fellow actors to gather online during the pandemic. They kept our spirits up and kept us in the know. But they also created a kind of family. Every week for over a year, they have put on a talk show on Twitch. Eventually, when auditions started to return, Todd left the show, but Bob has kept it running with different actors co-hosting.


On Wednesday, July 21, 2021, I got the chance to sit in the chair. I had been using the chat area when watching to hone my comedy writing skills. It was fun and a little nerving to do so on camera, but I definitely land some good jokes. And I brought lots of fun with me. it’s possible some jokes will be very “inside”; very “you had to be there”. But most of the show will be fun, especially the trailers and comedy videos Bob presents. There are regular bits like Beyonce News, Would You Eat It?, Puppy Therapy, & News Fails. And, if you are a musical theatre fan, get ready to get real nerd nasty over our poll choosing the best cast albums of the 2000s. Just pray Bob doesn’t play Bunny Hop!

Video coming soon

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