Atlantic Theater Company Acting School

Throughout 2004 & 2005, I took classes with the Atlantic Theater Company’s Acting School to learn more about this wild and wonderful technique I had been reading about from David Mamet–Practical Aesthetics. I was also interested in officially learning Sanford Meisner’s Repetition Exercise. After studying with Jordan Lage, Tamara Lovatt-Smith, and Kathryn Alexander, I walked away with an extraordinary clear and clean technique that I could apply to any piece of acting whether on-stage or film, speaking or singing. I would later go on to study extensively with Karen Kohlhaas, applying the technique to monologue auditions, cold readings, and Tennessee Williams specifically. I use what I learned from the Atlantic in every piece of acting I touch. It’s also easy to combine with other techniques that I have encountered along my training.

If you are interested in studying with this excellent school, visit their web site.

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